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GreenTec Awards

The compostable diaper by Fairwindel has been nominated for this year’s GreenTec Award. Once more, a product to which the Emsland Group has made significant contributions joins the competition. Fairwindel uses the new Emsorb® 2000 material of the Emsland group as a substitute for synthetic super-absorbers, making the diaper more biodegradable.


Fairwindel is the sustainable baby diaper and aims for 100% biodegradability (compostability). This is our sustainable contribution to preserving our environment and resources.


This year’s GreenTec Award sees the Fairwindel company nominated in three categories (the Galileo Knowledge Award and two special awards for lifestyle and for start-ups). The diaper convinced the jury because it is compostable and made without mineral oils, chloride, or perfumes. A modern, innovative, and healthy appearance characterizes this campaign started by responsible parents.


After the Wolfsburger drainage companies convinced the expert jury in 2016 with their pea power project – which uses natural polymers for sewage sludge stabilization – here is yet another project that the Emsland Group was directly involved with now nominated for the GreenTec Award. The diaper’s main feature is its innovative, sustainable absorbent core, made of the new Emsorb® 2000 super absorber. Emsorb® 2000 allows the diaper to function without any mineral oil-based super absorbers.


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