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AmidoriOn December 3rd, 2016, the AMIDORI Food Company held an open house at its Stegaurach/Bamberg site to celebrate the opening of the new location.


The AMIDORI Food Company produces quality pea and lupine-based meat alternatives that are entirely soy-free. In early 2015, the AMIDORI Food Company and the Emsland Group entered into a close partnership and the two have been working on the development of the products ever since. As a token of gratitude for the exclusive cooperation, the Emsland Group was invited to attend this big event and set up a small stand to present itself to guests. Invitees not only included suppliers and partnering contractors, but members of staff as well.


Friedrich Büse (founder) and Jens Wedel (CEO) kicked off the event in a familiar fashion. The main part of the opening speech was dedicated to thanking everyone who was involved. Some particularly noteworthy words of thanks were extended to Emsland-Stärke GmbH for its confidence and exceptional collaboration over the last several months. Moreover the managing directors informed about the current situation of the company. Previously, the company only had production operations at the site in Wals, Austria, but now there are going to expand production in both Wals and Stegaurach in mid-January 2017.

After welcoming the guests, small groups had the opportunity to visit the production facilities. The successful production concept as well as the high hygiene standards within the production area impressed the participants. The new production facilities also made an excellent impression, signaling a clear direction for the future.


Guests then visited the Emsland Group’s booth, where they had a chance to find out more about the Emsland Group and the innovative m¡dori raw material Empro® E 86 HV, which is the base for making meat alternatives with extrusion technology. The pea protein is almost tasteless and makes it possible to achieve a unique texture in the final product.

Visitors had the chance to taste a few m¡dori dishes at the company’s own food trucks. By now, the company has three food trucks that make regular appearances at street food events.

The Emsland Group again wishes the AMIDORI Food Company all the best with the new site and is looking forward to a productive future together!


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