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Werk Golßen IIIAller Aqua

Emsland Aller Aqua GmbH was founded

ten years ago



In November 2006, the first excavator rolled onto the site next to the existing Emsland starch factory at the Golssen railway station. Today, the most modern production facilities are used to produce pea protein and fish feed. 100 employees have secure jobs.


In September 2006, Emsland Aller Aqua GmbH in Golssen founded two companies - the Danish Aller Aqua Technologies APS and the Emsland Group, headquartered in Emlichheim. The 10th anniversary of this founding was held yesterday in Golssen. It was an important milestone for the fact that the production site had been maintained and strengthened.

The fish feed producer from Denmark was looking for an alternative, and the Emsland Group already had plans to build a factory for producing proteins and starch from peas. "Eight people from Golssen and Emlichheim had developed this technology and presented the finished concept in 2004. But it was not yet the right time," said managing director Martin Jahn.

When the Danish partner demonstrated its need and stepped in, good progress was made. Emsland Aller Aqua GmbH invested approximately 30 million euros in its site in Golssen. In September 2008, the fish feed plant started up its production. According to Martin Jahn, 2015 was the most successful year in the company's recent history. 75,000 tons of starch and protein along with 32,000 tons of fish feed were produced. Its main customers are fish farms in Germany, Nigeria, Italy and Turkey. Pea protein is delivered to feed producers in the US. In Asia, the glass noodle industry is the main customer of the pea-derived starch produced in Golssen.



During the tour of the modern production facilities in Golssen,

Udo Hampusch explains to the company's business partners

how high-quality fish feed is produced from pea protein and

other raw materials. Among them was Albrecht Gerber,

Brandenburg's Minister of Economic Affairs (left).

Photo: B. Keilbach/bkh1


"The merger of two strong companies, in order to create something new, is a win for Brandenburg and the food industry," said Minister of Economic Affairs Albrecht Gerber (SPD). Thus, Golssen was thus further strengthened as a traditional base for the food industry. As an additional important aspect, he emphasized that the company had a functioning works council. The ten-year history of the company is impressive, stated Jens-Herrmann Kleine (CDU), Office Director of the Municipal Federation of Unterspreewald. "It shows how good it can be when people from the region stay here and manage a company with commitment." The modern production site has significantly contributed to the strong economic power of the municipal federation. At 595 euros, the per tax income power per inhabitant in the Municipal Federation of Unterspreewald was higher in 2015 than in the neighboring cities of Lübben (520 euros) and Luckau (588 euros).


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