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OECDIn testing done by Wessling GmbH, the biodegradability of the Emsland Group’s starch-based flocculant Emfloc® KCG 750 has been documented and certified. Both biological degradability as well as degradability according to OECD 303A was documented and certified.


Thus according to DIN EN ISO 9888, Emfloc® KCG 750’s biodegradability within 28 days has been determined to be 23.2 %. The result according to OECD 303A was 21.4 % (day 3 to 24). This complies with the amendment of the Fertilizer Ordinance, which requires a minimum degradation of 20 % within 2 years.


You can find the certificate under Environmental Certificates


Biological degradability was also documented for the pea starch-based Emfloc® ECG 750. These certificates will be posted shortly.