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Take a look inside trending solutions for the manufacture of stacked chips, baked snacks, coated nuts, snack pellets and direct expanded, extruded snack foods, by registering for Emsland Group’s webinar on snacking innovation. In close co-operation with customers, contracted farmers and breeders, the latest snack developments will be introduced.


As Germany's largest producer of potato starch and a global leader in manufacturing refined starch products, potato flakes and granules, as well as proteins and fibers, Emsland Group creates innovative and future-oriented quality products for the whole snack industry.

These natural ingredients, based on potatoes, increase crunchiness and firmness and yield excellent expansion, resulting in lighter and softer textures to the final product and creating a typical potato taste.


Emsland Group helps you find natural snack solutions, all essential ingredients in snack products, as well as special clean label starches and flakes.


Join us for 30 minutes of category defining innovation in the snacking space!


The link to register for the Webinar is as follows: