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The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) is a community of experts made up of machinery and components manufacturers and food industry specialists, as well as research institutes and public health authorities. The EHEDG’s main task is to help improve hygienic design and construction and thus ensure the safe production of food. Furthermore, the EHEDG supports European legislation and its requirements for sanitary handling, processing, and packaging of foodstuffs with the help of hygienic machines and a hygienic environment.


As a member and supporter of the EHEDG’s tasks and objectives, the Emsland Group once again emphasizes its sense of responsibility towards the safe production of food.


We take the hygienic handling, processing, and packaging of food concerning professional facility design and production conditions for granted.


Moreover, through our EHEDG membership we can also address important aspects in regards to sustainability, total quality management, and the environment. Because the hygienic facility design resources can be saved and targets of product quality can be achieved more easily and constantly.