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Key areas when supporting our clients are technical support, individual consultation and client satisfaction. It is even more important for us to continually pass on the in-depth knowledge gained by our application engineers in the labs. That means our agencies worldwide are updated about our developments at regular intervals. Last week, representatives from South America, Mexico and Israel visited Emlichheim so they could learn about the latest interesting developments in the food sector.


In the new innovation centre Emsland Innovation Germany, participants were given training in both theoretical knowledge as well as the practical implications of it. This included an introduction to the new Emden® ET 50 in the area of confectionery, which is mostly used in wine gums and chewy sweets. In particular, it addressed aspects relating to gelatine-free, low dosage and fat reduction.


The subsequent workshop gave practical tips and tricks, while demonstrating the confectionery manufacturing process based on Emden® ET 50.


This was accompanied by presentations on recent developments in the areas of flakes and granules, as well as proteins and fibres. We were also able to teach the agencies about relevant working methods under real conditions using modern technical systems such the extruder, the stacked crisps system or batch cooker.


After three days of intensive training, broadening their basic knowledge and heightening their understanding, the participants were satisfied with their new found level of knowledge, which they could now pass on to their clients.


Besides our huge Symposium, which takes place this year in August with all Emsland Group agencies, such personal trainings should taking place at regular intervals; of cause also for our clients and internal employees.

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