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The Emsland group has been one of the largest and most important employers in the regional economy for over 90 years. In Emlichheim alone, over 400 employees produce high quality products from natural raw materials for the processing industry. The many industries that work directly with the Group should also not be underestimated.


The Emsland Trade Association e.V. has been a voice for the Emsland economy and thus represented the interests of Emsland companies for more than 10 years. The Association brings together interests and improves the location aspects for the Emsland economy. In addition to the Trade Association of the County of Bentheim e.V., Emsland Group is now also part of the community of interests in Emsland. With approximately 380 member companies, we support the goal of strengthening the business location.


In this way, Emsland Group goes hand in hand with the Emsland economy, which stands for creativity, innovative zeal and flexibility.