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On Wednesday, January 20, 2016, the Annual General Meeting of the holding company Emsland-Stärke AG took place in Meppen, Germany, with over approx. 500 company shareholders attending. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Hans Vieregge opened the event and introduced the members of the Executive Board, Mr. Udo Hinkelmann and Dr. Jens Hausmann, as well as other Supervisory Board members, Mr. Gebhardt Bakker and Mr. Herrmann Vortherms. He also welcomed Mr. Jürgen Reker from the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche GmbH, which is carrying out the audit.

The Executive Board and Supervisory Board provided a detailed report on the past fiscal year 2014/15, after which all shareholder questions were answered during a discussion. As guests to the Annual General Meeting, the chief executives of Emsland-Stärke GmbH, Mr. Gerrit-Jan Wesselink and Mr. Peter Höning, provided information on the company’s operational activities in the current fiscal year 2015/16.

The basic message of the Emsland Group was clearly pointed out once again to farmers and owners: Our prime objective is not only to ensure the owner’s sales of raw materials, but also to expand profitably through attractive purchase prices.
Dr. Norbert Partmann was elected to the Supervisory Board to replace Dr. Vieregge who is not available to serve a further term. Mr. Bakker and Mr. Vortherms were re-elected for another term.
Dr. Vieregge closed the Annual General Meeting and expressly thanked shareholders for their great trust in the future of the Group.


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