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Farmer Day

Around 700 visitors were greeted with a large-scale information event for our farmers on November 17th. In addition to the new Executive Board of Messrs. Hinkelmann, Wesselink, Höning, and Dr. Hausmann, the Supervisory Board members Dr. Hans Vieregge, Mr. Gebhard Bakker, and Mr. Herrmann Vortherms welcomed the interested visitors.


The guests, invited in two groups, first gathered for a detailed information session in a specially erected visitor tent. In addition to the current status of the Emsland Group, the listeners received an overview of all ongoing and future activities of the group. The basic message from the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board to the farmers was once again clearly worked out: the utmost goal of the Emsland Group is not only to secure raw materials sales for their proprietors, but also to expand profitably through more attractive prices. Following the presentations, all of the farmer's questions were answered on the past financial year and featured activities.


Like in last year's Open-Door Day, the farmers were able to gain an impression of the new Innovation Center, as well as the new cereal plant. The latest product highlights from protein and fiber applications, potato processing, adhesives, environmental and filter technology, as well as food divisions of snacks, cheese, ketchup, pasta, soups, and coatings were demonstrated during the tour through the Innovation Center. In the cereal plant, which started running a year prior, visitors were able to view the new washing and peeling lines as well as the next stage of rollers. The Emsland Group has placed an increasing focus on the snack industry for the coming years and with this new flake factory has met all the prerequisites to be considered the world's largest potato flakes producer.

Farmer Day II   Farmer Day IIIFarmer Day IVThe visitors then enjoyed a successful conclusion with soft drinks, grilled sausages, and goulash.