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The Emsland Group has achieved a top position in the Best Supplier and Best Improver category at the so-called Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) this year. In the evaluation of this year's CDP climate change reporting, the Emsland Group came away with excellent results and was able to significantly improve over the previous year.


As part of the CDP project, a greenhouse gas balance has been created according to the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and DIN EN ISO 14064-1. The Emsland Group has been supported in this effort by the FutureCamp Climate GmbH and attained 96 from 100 possible points. This is an increase of over 100% compared to last year.


The recently published global Supply Chain Report has provided the occasion to recognize the winner with an award at an event at the PwC Tower in Frankfurt on April 16, 2015. In addition to current topics, such as the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21), Natural Capital, Sustainability and Supply Chain, important customers that participate in the Supply Chain Program are providing the Emsland Group with a reason to successfully continue with this project. With the so-called carbon footprint (CO2 footprint), it will be stated in the future how much greenhouse gas emissions have been created from the business activities of an organization or the manufacture and use of a product. Customers of these products will be provided with more accurate indicators concerning associated energy consumption and emissions in addition to product-related greenhouse gas balances.


As a further step, the Emsland Group will participate in future surveys conducted by the CDP in order to also publicly emphasize the commitment to climate protection. The Group has planned not only for continuous optimization and improvement in this project, but also to maintain the score they obtained. In addition to the environmental and energy management certifications, this project is the basis for an upcoming Sustainability Report.




Michael Schulte, Head of TQM, Emsland Group, Annette Gruß, Managing Director FutureCamp Climate GmbH, Rainer Knoop, Head of Energy Management, Emsland Group (ltr.; Pic.: CDP)