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In first large-scale investigations the Port of Hamburg prepares harbor sediments with starch-based, biodegradable flocculating agents. The successfully used cationic potato starch from Emsland Group has been evaluated as technically equal and ecologically clearly superior. Benefits for the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA): The organic-based flocculating agent replaces synthetic polymers based on acrylamide, which are very difficult to break down biologically.


First results with the new product on a chamber filter press in the METHA plant already show that all major operational parameters, such as cake density, residual moisture, and shear stability, can be observed for harbor silt dehydration. In addition, there are operational benefits, such as improving the geophysical properties of the dehydrated silt products and improved filter cake removal for the chamber filter press - which can lessen the workload on operational personnel.


The biobased flocculant is now also very interesting for the operators of standard wastewater treatment plants, as the new fertilizer regulation makes it difficult, starting in 2017, to sell sewage sludge that was dehydrated using crude oil-based polymers containing acrylamide.


Please find the press release of the Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. as follows.