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We leave behind us an exciting and eventful year in 2014 ... The future lies before us!


And we would like to go into the future together with you. At the beginning of the New Year, above all, we would like to start off with what it was that made our company successful in the past year. We were and are on the right path with many of our activities. We will also continue to intensively pursue the future-orientated projects that we initiated over the past few months. We will continue to follow our strategy, which we have put in place until 2018, and it will remain a permanent part of our daily work.


The new Emsland Group company management, which will initially be assumed by Mr. Udo Hinkelmann alone, will continue to focus on the proven cooperation of well trained employees, agencies, customers, suppliers and service providers, supported by our raw-material suppliers and stockholders. The existing "we" feeling must be strengthened and the satisfaction of all colleagues must be maximized. Because it will only be possible to reach the goals that we have set for the coming year by a show of joint commitment.


The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Alan Kay quote


Echoing these sentiments, we as Emsland Group also wish to continue to invent our future and that of our customers. With innovative products and services, we would like to position ourselves as a competent solutions partner even more strongly in the future.


In the process the goal is to generate new and improved products along the entire internal and external value chain for the area of "food innovation" and "technical specialties", with optimal product conditions. We have already made an important step in this direction with our newly created "Emsland Innovation Germany". With the most modern food technology equipment as well as the highly modern development and analysis areas, we are making our motto "using nature to create" into reality.


Substantial but at the same time exciting tasks are awaiting us in the coming year.


We therefore look forward to the future with optimism and will also rise to meet future challenges and master these with our usual professionalism.


We look forward to good cooperation!

Udo Hinkelmann