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Within the area of „Technical Specialties" the topic environment protection is getting more and more important for the Emsland Group. We are working quite intensively in the field of environmental technologies in preserving resources of wastewater treatment, sewage sludge processing as well as slurry- and digestate treatment.


Based on renewable raw material we serve the following products:

  • Emfloc KCG 750
  • Emfloc ECG 750
  • Emfloc KC 750


The products are available in 30 kg bucket, 1.000 kg IBC or via tank waggon.


Furthermore there are promising trials in the above mentioned applications.


Also this year Emsland Group is participating at the trade conference on sewage treatment. From 15th till 17th June 2015 the DWA invites to the event with the core topic of sewage sludge, this time taking place in Potsdam. The Emsland Group presented itself at its own exhibition stand.


Getting more environmentally friendly and social - and working economical at the same time to assure the continued existence of the Emsland Group as an employer, is the continuous aim of our group.