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indexThe Emsland Group has been awarded with a valuable supplier award by one of its most important customers, Nestlé Deutschland AG. The Emsland Group was among the top 20 of 1,500 preferred suppliers in Germany in this year's Nestlé Germany Supplier Awards. This distinction for special achievements is the result of many years of optimisation in the Emsland Group's areas of production, quality management, SCM and innovation. Core criteria such as responsible procurement, service orientation, cooperation and flexibility were also important to Nestlé.


For many years, the Emsland Group has been the market leader in the food industry for innovative product solutions. Close cooperation in the production of future-oriented products is an indispensable requirement in this area. The resulting supplier-customer relationship is one of the main concerns for the Emsland Group in their overall value creation chain.


"We need partners like the award-winning companies who work together with us to promote sustainability. The responsible procurement of raw materials is just as important to us as environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Through strategic cooperation in solving problems and improving convenience, it has also been possible to strengthen our innovation leadership. Our suppliers play a central role in this area," Nestlé Germany Manager Gerhard Berssenbrügge remarked as he paid tribute to the award winners.


The distinction of being among the best Nestlé suppliers reinforces our commitment to further optimising strategic cooperation in the future with resourcefulness and clear-headedness.




Anke Stübing, Regional Head of Procurement, Nestlé Deutschland AG Christian Kemer, Division Manager Food, Emsland Group

Reinhard Briechle, Sales Manager Food, Emsland Group Udo Hinkelmann, CEO, Emsland Group Gerhard Berssenbrügge, CEO der Nestlé Deutschland AG (v. l.; Bild: Nestlé)