Kyritz IIIThe Kyritz starch plant was built in 1873 by the businessman Carl Conrad and only produced potato starch at first. Thus, the starch plant is considered one of the oldest in Europe. In 1991, the starch plant was taken over by Emsland-Starke GmbH shortly after it became a GmbH starch plant. Since then, all of the plant's areas have undergone comprehensive renovation.

Around 263,000 tons of potatoes are processed annually to create around 65,000 tons of starch at the plant. With a refined starch content of 60%, a high proportion of native potato starch is converted into high-quality starch modifiers, which is also the basic material for producing starch-mixed products at the plant. Furthermore, the valuable components of the potato, such as the fibers in wet and dry forms, are obtained along with the fruit and processing water, which in turn are used for agronomical purposes due to their fertilizer qualities.

The Kyritz plant is also fully certified (see Quality Management / Certificates).

The Kyritz plant has evolved into a key location for the Group for producing refined starch products for the food industry, and supplies customers around the world.



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