Emsland Food GmbH emerged from the takeover of Bestfoods Deutschland GmbH, which was active in the industrial business for finished products made from potatoes, and consists of the Cloppenburg, Wittingen and Hagenow plants.


Emsland Food GmbH produces quality potato flakes at the Cloppenburg plant and potato granules for the processing food industry at the Wittingen plant. At the beginning of the 2013/2014 fiscal year, Emsland-Stärke GmbH became the main shareholder of Mecklenburg Kartoffelveredlung GmbH in Hagenow. The operational business of Mecklenburg Kartoffelveredlung became Emsland Food at the Hagenow plant on July 1, 2013. With its three plants, Emsland Food GmbH is the European market leader for producing dried potato products and will expand its position on the global markets.


The top quality of each individual product is our top priority and is the foundation for a collaboration with our customers and partners that is based on trust. The innovative products with a high level of quality, produced for special applications, are especially a significant milestone.